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Cultivation Team Members: Trim, Package, Extraction
Verano Brands – Jessup, MD

GMMB Brands

GMMB Brands represents the finest in quality medical cannabis and is a pioneer the burgeoning Medical Cannabis industry. Our Maryland team is hiring for multiple immediate full and part time positions. Be a part of our Entourage Effect!


Community-Oriented: We are ambassadors to our local and regional communities, and the State of Maryland. We strive to be good citizens who support the work of charities, health care providers, and encourage civic improvements and better health and education.

Bold: We demonstrate “can do” attitudes and “run through walls resolve” to get the job done.

Driven: Going above and beyond role requirements is part of our DNA. We have a passion for our organizational mission and a sense of personal responsibility for the overall success of the team/organization.

Trailblazing: We are energized by bringing new solutions and treatments to a growing patient population and cannabis industry. We seek to discover and deliver transformational experiences to our clients.

Humble: We embrace the power of vulnerability by readily acknowledging mistakes and limitations, offering and accepting apologies graciously, recognizing and praising others without hesitation. We share credit for team accomplishments and graciously serve others by going beyond our job roles and/or take on lower level work to help other teammates and business partners.

Collaborative: We are responsible for developing a culture of inclusion that fosters mutual trust, empowerment, respect for others, heightened engagement, and positive energy. We display a relentless passion for working with others for the benefit of our patients and improving lives naturally.

Trim/Packaging Technician

The Trim Technician trims all harvested cannabis plants to separate out the various parts of the plant based upon their value. These positions will work many hours while seated or standing, and remain completely focused on efficiently trimming plants and maintaining expected production levels. Based upon company needs, they may perform hand-trimming either wet or dry, and they may or may not use trimming machines. Duties may also include weighing and packaging accordingly.


  • Excellent hand/eye coordination
  • Professional conduct
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Strong work ethic


  • Hand trim sugar leaf and fan leaf from harvested plants using trimming scissors
  • Efficiently and safely operate trim machines
  • Accurately track and weigh trimmed products and waste
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment
  • Perform work quickly, efficiently, and safely while maintaining expected levels of production and quality
  • Perform other duties as required or assigned
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Weigh and package in compliance with all local and State regulations, along with company policies and procedures

Desired Qualifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Trimming or packaging experience preferred
  • Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required
  • Basic knowledge of cannabis plant qualities
  • Accountability and proactive behavior


The Extraction Technician has the responsibility of safely and effectively converting cannabis plant into medical cannabis oils and liquids for ingestion, inhalation, or topical application. The qualified individual will possess a keen interest and knowledge of chemistry.


  • Preparing equipment and plant materials for extraction
  • Operating highly sophisticated extraction equipment
  • Processing concentrates and extracts
  • Cleaning and maintenance of extraction equipment and laboratory facility
  • Maintaining strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals and equipment used in the laboratory
  • Operating, maintaining, and making adjustments and repairs to laboratory equipment such as liquid chromatography systems, pumps, microscopes, balances, centrifuges, and other laboratory equipment
  • Maintaining inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment, and preparing requisitions as needed
  • Storing supplies and equipment, disposal of waste according to guidelines, and keeping laboratory, storerooms and working areas immaculate
  • Washing and sterilizing laboratory glassware
  • Performing clerical work related to laboratory activities such as word processing, record keeping
  • Maintaining material safety data sheets for all department chemicals and products
  • Performs related duties as assigned


  • Principles of biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry
  • Scientific laboratory procedures and techniques as used in a chemistry laboratory
  • Scientific laboratory equipment and apparatus
  • Scientific methods of measurements
  • Health and safety practices and precautions applicable to a chemistry laboratory
  • Proper and safe handling and disposal of harmful chemicals, substances, and hazardous wastes

Physical Demands:

Include standing, bending, and lifting up to 50 pounds by themselves and 75+ pounds with a buddy, carrying product, moving and making adjustments to process equipment.


  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Willingness to work long and irregular hours if needed, including weekends and holidays
  • Must pass a background checkand submit personal information to become a state agent. This includes, but may not be limited to participating in financial and criminal background checks, drug testing and polygraph testing.
  • Completion of all required prerequisite and ongoing training, including but not limited to Americans for Safe Access Cultivation and/or Distribution Patient Focused Certification

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 /hour

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 /hour


  • Jessup, MD (Preferred)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Preferred)

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